Monday, February 04, 2013

Sports weekend

Well, the Super Bowl did its job and provided sports entertainment that fans can argue about for weeks to come, and brought in a ton of cash while doing it. Another victory for pop culture.

But for those who admire less ostentatious achievement in sports, the weekend offered other goodies. Mickelson had an incredible week playing golf. But first on my list, by far, unrivaled, is teenager Mary Cain taking 17 seconds off the high school two mile record, while finishing third in a Boston race filled with Olympians. This lady has a future if she stays healthy.

Man, that race made my weekend! No hype. No bullshit. Just an amazing feat. The TV broadcaster for the track meet went ape about it, and rightly so. I'm not alone ha ha.

It's come to this in America: if you hear a noisy fanfare, look the other way, you're likely to see something extraordinary!

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