Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to normal

Hitched a ride to the office with H on her way to taking our guest to the airport. So we will be getting back to normal. HOORAY! I have fallen behind on a number of things. Time to catch up.

H has her first knee surgery on Saturday, so the routine will change again, but this time to a necessary good purpose. We have too small a house to make this as convenient as it might be, I fear. We'll see. She has many friends who have gone through this, getting lots of advice and having models of how good it can turn out.

All the same, I think I would decline the surgery if it were me. I'd rather fast, lose 150 pounds, and reduce the weight the knees must deal with. I'd rather use a cane. Maybe I'd think differently at the time but that's my take on it now. I think we're becoming guinea pigs for wonderful new medical devices. Until everyone gets a "peace pill" on the asking after age ... what? 70? 75? ... I am not convinced the medical establishment has my best interests at heart. If they did, a high priority would be Comfortable Death, at a time of personal choosing, rather than at a time of Terminal Illness, and very few states provide even that. I know, hardly anyone agrees with me. That's what I get for not being a Christian ha ha.

How interesting the protagonist in my new book is a Catholic. I'm still trying to figure Brinkley out. CJ I have down pat (hint hint). How interesting the argument is from Brinkley's point of view, not the other way around. Well, the latter would be too easy. Easy is boring. So I struggle on ...

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