Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rob the weatherman

A few years back, a new weatherman came to one of our stations, named Rob Marciano. He was good. Moreover, he was young, handsome, charismatic on camera. And it was easy to guess, well, he won't last here long, he belong in bigger markets. And sure enough, after a few years he went off to CNN.

I saw him do the weather there. I saw him stand in the middle of a hurricane, on location reporting. He narrated a weather special or two. And then on a Sunday, I saw him sit in the anchor chair. He was going places, clearly.

Imagine my shock, and hilarity, when I saw him last week as the new co-host of ... Entertainment Tonight. With a do-over to make him look more like a Hollywood stud! My, my. I'd accuse him of selling out but clearly this must be a pay raise and promotion.

So Rob made it. What can be next? A book! You heard it here first.

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