Thursday, February 21, 2013

Classroom adventures

One of my better students came to class "wasted" today. Not sure on what. Would have gotten away with it, as others have in the past I'm sure, if he had kept his mouth shut, but he insisted on participating in discussions a lot, more than usual, and the accumulative effect of his disjointedness led me to the inevitable conclusion. I took break early and asked him if he was wasted. When he said yes, I sent him home but kindly so. When next I see him, I'll make it clear that the first time is forgiven but the second time will be a disaster for him. If he slips, at least have the common sense to keep quiet!

Otherwise we worked some scenes and somehow I got inspired to tell some war stories.

And I gave them a sneak preview of their take home final exam. I'll pass it out next week.

Good class. But as always, I'm also glad the week is over. Not as much reading this weekend as last weekend.

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