Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Close calls in the neighborhood

Almost got creamed on the way home from the store. Made a right turn and as i did an impatient driver in left lane swerved to pass on the right and just missed me. I should have taken the long way home without rush hour traffic. Safe now with stock simmering. Two hour process.

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Pip said...

For God's sake, Deemer, there's a baseball script in you--come on, write it! Ron Shelton, however, is currently shooting "Sweet Spot." It's the same story he told in "Bull Durham," only it's set in Mexico. I mean, you could do something better.

For my part, I've decided to stop feeling depressed about Tony Scott; get off my butt, and in tribute to the man write the best police action that's ever been put to film--incredible helicopter chase scenes. I mean, it's balls to the wall urban combat--aerial style. Then get Morris/Endeavor and my agent off their collective rear ends and shoot the thing.

Screw the traffic and seize the day, man!