Sunday, February 24, 2013


Like any new Fire owner, I've been loading up with apps, most of the them free. Many I try and then delete -- but many are also surprisingly useful. I can find what movies are playing where easier than ever. I can access newspapers all over the country with a single tap of a finger. Another tap will access my mail. Another relevant bus schedules for the trip to PSU. Apps expand the usefulness of the device greatly.

Tonight for example I'll be watching the Oscars with my Fire in my hand with its Oscar app. Supposedly I can access any of ten cameras during the ceremonies -- when an actor leaves the stage after an acceptance speech, I can follow them. Or I can just stay back stage during any moment. We'll see but it does sound more engaging than the usual show.

And I also did some editing of my thriller in progress on the Fire, this yesterday, minor stuff, but I could save it etc for use later here on the netbook. That's a real plus because I read the Fire was weak in this area. It's strong enough for my uses with the Office software I installed. Love it.

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