Monday, February 25, 2013

Perfect storm

The incredible ineptness of Congress meets the accelerating revenge of Nature ... and we do the very opposite of what we should be doing with regard to policies (and spending). American political life is more of a sick joke than ever. This is the reality of American Exceptionalism.

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Pip said...

"American Exceptionalism," as you call it... well, John Boehner may not look like Barry Goldwater, but he sure sounds like him. In fact, the current political climate resembles the rhetoric of the early '60s. So vicious was the climate of the times that when JFK was shot in Dallas 1963 many people were of the opinion that southern "radicals" were to blame. Perception and culture--it's all about context. Nothing new, just the same thing at a different time.

As for the writing... Mailer, Hunter Thompson, they had their way of putting a face on it, but today I get the feeling we're in for some kind of paradigm shift... a change of major social proportions. I mean, Boehner and those like him just don't get it, what with 18 percent of the US population now being Hispanic--legal or otherwise. So, how do you tell that story?