Sunday, February 03, 2013


Eager to get back to Brinkley ... this afternoon! Have this week online ... only a couple loose ends.

Not really into Super Bowl. Think Elway was last time I was engaged.

Taping a track meet. Track rules esp long distance races.

Yesterday's sun has vanished. Puddle City gray.

Good dinner last night ... variation of Korean paella with orzo.

Albee bio is quite good.

Need to know more than I do about Catholicism ... my fav aunt's conversion influencing Brinkley ... shocked her sister my mother ... I thought she was as fun as ever. I remember her laughing to tears when I played her Lehrer's Vatigan Rag.

I hear a subtext of Chesterton v. Sartre in my novel. Makes it more European than American. Big deal ha ha. My contemporary American audience has become irrelevant to what I do. Lberating. Also a little lonely at times. Comes with the effort.

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