Friday, January 19, 2007

What the future holds

My new agent for screenwriting also handles fiction, so she'll get first crack at the Cold War novel (if we still have a relationship by the time I finish it). But I think of it as looking something like here.

I worked out the ten sequences of act one today, using the 40 sequence, 15 beat software system I'm beginning to like the more I use it. It's quite compatible with the structure tools in my own book. Even though it's a novel, I'm structuring the story like a screenplay. Things change in the heat of writing but this gets the buggy in flight with a sense of security once you work out all the cards. I'm using different color cards for different time lines. Looks out nicely. Even looks pretty ha ha.

I'm going to do something crazy with the tone of this. I can feel it coming.

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