Thursday, January 11, 2007


Ullie just landed the Cessna. She's something of a hero. A visit to her friend in the hospital, a clue to her future, and we're done. I'll save finishing it for home.

Then the real fun of writing begins, which of course is RE-writing. My method is to print it out for the first time, let it sit for a few days, then read it very slowly with red pen in hand. I then transfer the changes to the file, print it again, and continue this process until I stop adding red ink to it.

Then I may share it with someone if I'm insecure (or want to brag to a colleague because I think it's so damn good ha ha), or just add it to the archive, market it, send it to my agent if I have one at the time, but mainly jump right into something new to distance myself (my psyche) from this one.

In other words, as I say so often here ... onward!

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