Saturday, January 13, 2007

The playoffs

In this the second week of play-offs, I still have four teams I wouldn't mind getting to the Super Bowl:
  • Seattle, because it's our regional team;
  • Indianapolis, because I like Payton Manning so much, all class in a league full of arrogant jerks;
  • Philadelphia, because it's the team all my New Jersey cousins root for;
  • and, a sentimental favorite, New Orleans, because the city needs a break.

Indianapolis 15, Baltimore 6. Wow! All the experts are wrong once again, and I love it when they are. For the second game in a row, one of the season's worse defenses rose to the occasion and played a superior game. Five field goals beats two field goals. Great game to watch.

The next game -- and I'll miss the end, taping it, since we're going to hear jazz tonight -- pairs two teams I like, Philly against N.O. I can't lose. Seattle plays tomorrow morning, another huge underdog.

Tomorrow I may print the screenplay draft and reread Sally to get back in the mindset of it. Onward.

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