Monday, January 22, 2007

Really clone this day

I'm giddy. I think it's because, 40 years after the first attempt, I may finally have a handle on my Army material. I have an entire novel story-boarded, which lets me write with a strong sense of security. This is especially helpful with material I've been wrestling with since the late 1960s. I've had about four or five false starts on "my Army novel" and two false screenplay starts. But all those were forest writer attempts, confident I would figure things out along the way. I didn't. So I took the time and grunt work to think through a beginning-middle-end story, using the helpful software I've mentioned, and wah-lah! I have it all down. Sure, I also see where things are going to change a bit, but a story board is like a map, I may take a side trip but I always know how to get back on the interstate. When writing is as secure as this, it's more fun.

Off to mail some books and the post office was as crowded as at Christmas. Wonder why. I used the self-serve machine, no hassle for me, but a very long line to the counters stretched a very long ways. Did my business, bought a coffee, cruised a bit to a nice Milt Jackson tune, and came on home. Some student work to read this afternoon.

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