Friday, January 19, 2007

Baumholder, 1961

This is my working title for the Army novel, and I'm moving it front burner despite Sally in progress. The latter is a damn difficult book, the emotional journey complex and layered, which makes the Cold War story straightforward in comparison. I'll continue brooding about Sally and maybe even write on it now and again but I think I can dash off this long belated story based on my Army experiences with relative ease.

I'm using the software to outline the plot. The major unsolved questions are voice and point of view. Pretty sure I'm going 3rd -- I think maybe I'd like to switch POVs between the two buddy characters, get it from their perspectives. I also might jazz up my writing style more than my usual understated prose. Not sure. Or maybe better, change style between the two characters, to match their personalities. One subdued, one flamboyant. I think I have my ending, too. Onward.

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