Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kudos to me

Some of my favorite strokes over the years, official and unofficial, in no particular order.
  • "This play has balls!" The spontaneous exclamation of a guy sitting behind me after the final lights came down on Country Northwestern.
  • Each of my three "Roll of Honor" citations in Best American Short Stories in the early 1970s, validation when I needed it most.
  • The critical success of Famililly, winning two contests, one international, and (especially) being the highest ranking stage play in the New Millennium writing awards.
  • A sweet little old lady creating a theater award so she could give me a five grand check and write it off. Closest I've had to a patron.
  • A poet telling me my short story "The Idaho Jacket" is the best fiction he'd ever read about the Pacific NW, including Kesey.
  • 3 writer friends being blown away by my novel "Kerouac's Scroll" and taking the time to write me so, totally "getting it."
  • Being the only writer in Oregon (as far as I know) to get Oregon Arts Commission fellowships both for fiction and drama. (This happened in a small window when they allowed repeats, then changed their mind again.)
  • The director telling me the blue toilet paper bit in Christmas at the Juniper Tavern is the best visual joke he's ever seen on stage.
  • Getting a standing ovation for my Guthrie show. Whenever and wherever it happened.
  • Arts writer Bob Hicks' continued enthusiasm for my work over several decades.
  • Harriet's heartfelt response to my book of poems.
  • My acting partner in Albee's "Zoo Story" amazed that as Peter I could cry on cue.
  • A short letter from Hal Prince praising The Comedian In Spite Of Himself.
  • Dick Crooks' life-long enthusiasm for my guitar playing. The fool.
  • Self-congratulation for living this long.
  • Sketch licking my nose, no matter what I've done, ever.

Just little sweet memories that pop into the head once in a while. I have many more good memories than bad memories.

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