Saturday, January 05, 2013

Talking with Tee

C and T on their 52nd wedding anniversary some years ago
Good phone conv with T and C in LA ... called yesterday ... heard T was in hospital ... eighties ... seems to be hanging in ... very tight when I lived down there ... together almost every weekend for music making and feasting ... most Thanksgivings in sixties with them and three other couples ... AMAZING parties ... ah memories. Not many friendships that close since.

The close friends I haven't outlived are in So Cal or Nevada. The ones here, Dick and Ger, died some time ago now, and I hugely miss hanging out with them (one at at time! they didn't get along ha ha). Much, much laughter. Man, we laughed at the absurdities around us a lot. I miss it. Laughing alone isn't the same.

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