Thursday, January 17, 2013

American mythology

If anyone ever doubted that this country is largely run on the fuel of mythology, which is to say, on self-serving historical inaccuracies, well, the present gun debate makes the case, with false and misleading and misguided and at times treasonous remarks -- no, shouts, ramblings, linguistic breakdowns -- filling the debate space at a deafening volume. It would be hilarious to watch if it didn't influence where I live. Who knew what incredibly unfortunate consequences could come from deciding you're a special city on a hill? Having a terrible educational system helped considerably.

Actually most folks have better sense than the noise makers. That's what will make this so interesting. To what degree does any semblance of democracy still work around here? I'm ever the cynic and ever eager to be proven wrong. Call me CJ ha ha. Brinkley is my saner angel.

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