Saturday, January 26, 2013


from wikipedia's bio of Alma Mahler Werfel
In 1996, Israeli writer Joshua Sobol and Austrian director Paulus Manker created the polydrama Alma. It played in Vienna for six successive seasons, and toured with over 400 performances to VeniceLisbonLos AngelesPetronellBerlinSemmeringJerusalem and Prague — all places where Mahler-Werfel had lived. The show was made into a three part mini TV-series in 1997. The scenes of Mahler Werfel's life were performed simultaneously on all floors and in all rooms of a special building. The guests were invited to abandon the immobilized position of a spectator in a conventional drama, replace it with the mobile activity of a traveller, and watch a "theatrical journey". Each audience member chose the events, the path, and the person to follow after each event, thus constructing her or his personal version of the "Polydrama."
Sounds like hyperdrama to me. Thanks, H. (Note: this is over 10 years after my Chateau de Mort and even longer after Tamara in Canada.)

More about hyperdrama.

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