Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recent reading

Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy? by Joachim Joesten
This is, indeed, the crux of the matter, the key to the mystery, the one detail that gives the whole show away: The actual route followed by the motorcade at high noon on that fateful November 22 differed in one important respect from the sketch that had appeared exclusively in the Dallas Morning News, namely the double detour.
What is remarkable about this book is that it was published before the Warren Report came out (!) --  but in Europe because no American publisher would touch it (until now). Well documented and convincing, in my view. This guy was far, far ahead of the "conspiracy curve," which unfortunately became tainted by some irrational, weird positions within its family of theories. Like me, Joesten pays a lot of attention to the original reports of the first doctors to see the body (i.e. there was an ENTRANCE wound in the throat).

It always astounds me when something as important as this book escapes my attention until long after its publication -- and I've read a lot in this area.

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