Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hypertext and Hyperdrama by Tegan Zimmerman on Prezi

Hypertext and Hyperdrama by Tegan Zimmerman on Prezi:

 "After reading The Last Song of Violeta Parra, What might be some characteristics of hyperdrama ? how does it compare to traditional plays? Hyperdrama Activity and Passivity Deemer was discontented with what he called Single Vision theatre and the traditional passive individual in the audience. His hyperdrama allows the reader to follow different exits and entries of all characters both minor and major = socialist. Deemer writes, "in hyperdrama, the traditional linear narrative line explodes into branches, multiplying the action on a 'stage' into simultaneous scenes occurring throughout a performance space. The bolted chairs of the audience are uprooted to give the audience mobility, an opportunity to follow different branches of the narrative line as they unfold into different, often distant, areas of this expanded new "stage." Astrid Ensslin writes that "the main hyper-dramatic effect is the transfer of choice to the viewer" (81)."

Considerable discussion of my one-act hyperdrama.

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Tegan Zimmerman said...

Thanks for re-posting this Charles. Hope you enjoyed the commentary, the class loved your work!

Tegan Zimmerman