Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What is my best novel?

It's hard for me to choose between books. It's like asking a parent which child is your favorite.

But readers have weighed in on different books.

The most public praise has been for Love At Ground Zero, including a generous review at Amazon.

Love at Ground Zero is a shard through the heart. Timely, powerful and sadly resonant. M.H.
 I am really thrilled about your novel. It's cracking good! Magic. H. D.
 This is a fine work with strong narrative and clean, clear prose. Everyone should read it and rethink their own lives. C. L.
A few others prefer Sodom, Gomorrah & Jones.
Jesus, this is a  good work, super read, better for being unique in form, etc.; be proud of it. T.M.S.
But most positive feedback has come my way regarding Kerouac's Scroll.
Have just finished Kerouac's Scroll..what an achievement!  .. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for having crafted a story so generous to the enduring human spirit.  It works on so many levels .. K.B.
The raps tore me up.  It was a sad and funny book.  A great combination of political statement and existential salvation. T.S.
If I had to choose, interestingly enough, I think I'd choose the novella, Baumholder 1961, even though I think the ending is weak. So much in there rings true about my surreal Army experience.

The bottom line, of course, is this: there is no accounting for taste!

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