Sunday, January 06, 2013


Have some interest in both playoffs today so will peek in from time to time. I like to root for Stanford quarterbacks. Much fun with this in early 70s, Jim Plunket and Stanford playing Ohio St, which I watched with my good friend, the late John Basham, who was from Michigan and Big 10 all the way ... and Ohio St led into the 4th Q when Plunket got very hot and led two unanswered drives for the victory. Loved it!

Basham was the guy who left a pig's head on my front porch in my head cheese and scrapple making days in grad school. He'd slaughtered on at his country home in Dexter. Watching Basham try to kill chickens is one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. (I was hoping his widow Peggy would have stayed in touch but she hasn't.) Ah, memories.

Never got around to piano yesterday. Need to today.

I am ready for the new term starting tomorrow. My class on Tuesday. I have to find the classroom,  some blocks from campus.

Hope to fiddle with Brinkley book today. Should take the netbook upstairs, watch games and work at same time.

H gone all day. Very busy. Leftovers for dinner.

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