Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Office Sweet Office

A new term begins. My energy is high and I am ready.

  • Bus riding is a brooder's paradise. I get more pre-writing done on the ride to the university.
  • I found my classroom. I mean, I couldn't find it from the car on two different occasions -- the building on the map doesn't seem to exist. Well, it's in the Chase Bank Bldg on the 3rd floor in a huge fancy corporate board room! By the gods! We should be making great decisions in there ha ha.
  • And Starbucks is nearby, so I can easily grab my after-class iced coffee, as is my habit. Habits rule.
  • Been reorganizing my online presence and it's turning out well. Need to create a self-sustaining machine, sort of, that needs no attention from me. Because there will be none to have soon enough. Wait, that's CJ talking. Or is it?
  • I really like my changes in the new book ... took false starts, changes of point of view, plot changes, but I am beginning to feel closer to it. True "forest person" development here. Forest writers sink or swim. Tree writers plan and figure it out before writing.
  • I'm happy as a clam and very glad school has started. It's a kind of foundation for the rest of my activity. I do deadlines well.
  • I seem to like teaching more each term. Very interesting. 

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