Wednesday, May 01, 2013

New from Thomas Strah



Good morning! you shaggy bag of sleep.
Freshly squeezed orange juice? you incipient wormloaf.

Unslack those drooly lips, dear. I love your blond locks
Your eyelash crust. Crack those baby blues

Bound to see nothing. It’s a bright morning
Let’s take a quick stroll before whatever knocks

Did you sleep well? Tell me your dreams:
Who's to say what the Freud that means?

The light within, warm glow that expands
To fill your self, hotly certain faith

You call it. Did you dream it? Really.
Skin to parchment, bits to sluff; pus leaks don't you know?

The shell bloats because of gas
You won’t be able to down the waffles I made.

If you don’t get up, don’t blame me!
What’s that smell? The coffee’s cold

Come on, sugar, give me a kiss
Oh my, dead to the world are we?

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