Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creating a brand

I have 15 screenplays I am going to try and repackage and market as fiction. I have figured out a way, an approach, to do this without having to do much rewriting. Repackaging, computer grunt work, rather than creative work. It involves pursuing this new notion of narrative that's been bugging me for several years now, how small electronic devices have changed the reading environment, and therefore presenting the opportunity for new forms. This will be one grand experiment that I'll start this summer and pursue in earnest after I retire. If nothing else, it will keep me distracted from the news ha ha.

But I am getting excited about the possibility of this -- that is, to make a few coins doing it. Not getting rich but some reasonable change. I want to think of all 15 of these stories as "a brand," as part of a series of a new kind of narration for electronic devices. This will take a lot of bullshit, as marketing always does, but for a change I have a rather comic and interested attitude about it all.

Because I actually believe I am right, that the time is right for a new kind of storytelling that works better on small screens that traditional prose, and that the screenplay is the rhetorical key to this approach. Pretty wild idea. I love wild ideas. Suddenly I am very excited about getting out of the classroom, ridding myself of other responsibilities, and seeing how far I can take this crazy idea.

Here I am over a year away, already planning.

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