Saturday, May 18, 2013

35 years later ...

I received a box in the mail earlier in the week. I saw who it was from but had no idea what it might be. The sender is an artist; maybe a work of art? How thoughtful.

But no, it was a book. A hard cover first edition of Love's Body by Norman Brown. Okay. And a note was attached: "You left this behind in Salisbury." Okay.

Readers of this blog may recall that this is a book I hold dear. But I left Salisbury 35 years ago! In no emotional state, I might add, to remember much of anything. Later I bought a paperback of the book. Then early in our relationship, H bought me the same hardcover edition I'd forgotten. Recently I finally found and loaded a digital copy onto my Fire.

"You left this..." 35 years later! Am I the only one who finds this, well, curious? I suppose my ex gave it to him to return but he set it aside and forgot about it. Then he was recently cleaning house and ...

I don't know. Maybe it IS a work of art, a found object, sculpture.

35 years in the making.

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