Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good morning

Off bright and early to mail Wonder Boy his check. Grabbed an iced coffee, jazz on radio sounding so good I cruised a bit, home to read student paper, now time to kill until I head off to the university.

Feeling damn good about my recent decisions. Making Screenwright free is probably the most satisfying, rewarding thing I've ever done as a writer. I feel like I've made a genuine contribution to a better education for budding screenwriters. Now to get the word out.

Some complications in getting the app into the Amazon and Google stores, has to to do with image support resolution. I can't find the original drama masks I commissioned in 1996 ha ha! Which I'd need. Or change the image in the app, which I'm asking Wonder Boy to do. Hope he will. Otherwise not sure how to resolve the issue.

Offered app to Creative Screenwriting to give away, too. Hope they agree, the natural audience will be there.

Today I pick up projects for final pre-grade evaluation. The next 7 days are the hardest of the term for me. I get tired just thinking about it. I rather wish I had decided to retire from teaching earlier, so I wouldn't be facing one more year, but that's the breaks. My last term I might use the online tutorial, or at least make it an option.

Life is good for me. That's what I'm thinking today.

Interesting. Almost no support about putting Screenwright online for free. Everybody has alternative advice, you should do this, you should do that -- with the exception of one person, who got it immediately. We live in such a buy & sell culture, the possibility of "avoiding" making money has become incomprehensible! Why on earth would anyone consider such a thing?

Missed my old friends Dick and Ger this morning, only two people I know who were ready to go to breakfast at 6 a.m. Not the same thing going out alone.

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