Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Drawing the lines in the sand

The right wing is arming itself against the government. Chris Hedges now calls for the left to rise in rebellion, the only way to save the planet. Most Americans still go about their business, as much as possible in a new world filled with great storms and earthquakes.

And I recently wrote what may be the best line of my career, "Nothing changes by writing bad verse."

I am thinking of writing a defense of Pollyanna. I am thinking of creating "a brand" for a new kind of narrative fiction, written to be read on small electronic devices, i.e. tablets and smart phones. The reality of retiring from teaching is sinking in -- one more year! I am going to teach The French Lt's Woman, rather on principle.

I seem to go against the grain often. The world will get worse but I'll get better. Go figure.

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