Thursday, May 02, 2013

Better late than never

After all this time I figured out how to read a Google book on Kindle Fire. You don't download it and convert it, you just access the website on the Fire and read! Duh. There are comments galore and complicated fixes for conversions etc, but this is direct and easy. Why didn't I read this somewhere? I just tried it on a whim, after accessing on computer, I thought, well, the Fire accesses websites, what would happen if ...? Maybe there's a downside I haven't discovered yet. Like maybe I can't take notes or something. At any rate, this is GREAT because I want to reread Love's Body but was trying to figure out how on the Fire, and it's a Google book as well as paperback. I also have a first edition hard cover, that H gave me as a present years ago, the sweetie.

Can't wait to start!

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