Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crossed fingers

Can't watch tonight's UCLA - Houston game because DirecTv and Pac 12 network haven't made a deal yet. But I think I found the LA radio station that broadcasts he games, and it has net access -- so maybe I hear it on the radio, which is just as fun anyway. Hope so!

Still frustrated that Cal blew such an opportunity for an upset. I blame the coach. Tie game, 4 mins, 4th and 1 close in -- and he brings out the field goal kicker, normally a good idea, but the guy already had missed two BADLY -- and he missed this one just as badly. Ohio State scored next possession on a 3rd and long play that had blown coverage, a very long TD to win the game.

I think these teams sometimes lose it mentally when they are on the verge of a big upset. No one gave Cal the slightest chance. They blew 16 pts and still made it close -- but in the end, mental mistakes by coach and players blew it.

This is a big test for UCLA. In the past culture, big wins were followed by letdowns and loses or poor victories against inferior opponents. UCLA should win this. However, what worries me is that Houston has a passing fool QB, and may face 70+ attempts. Pass defense is not a Bruin strength.

Go, Bruins!

p.s. 52-6 Washington, end of 3 Qs.

p.p.s. the station isn't broadcasting the game. Sigh. No way so far to follow it ... will try espn etc. A BIT LATER, solution is Yahoo game channel. And UCLA defense scored in first minute.

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