Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hanging out around Yakima

Here are some highlights of our few days hanging out in the Yakima area. I had one disappointment: the small town of Teiton, average age under 30, a town trying to build itself on artisan businesses. It's too soon to judge this experiment, but right now there isn't much to it. Down the road, who knows? One interesting factoid: you can't get a meal other than Mexican food in town.

Yakima area

Toppennish is a town filled with dozens of murals throughout the city. Click image to enlarge.

Our favorite town in the area was Naches. Down home. With a hotel on Main St for future reference.

Lunch in Naches
Came home on old road through Klickitat, no traffic, great, and found summer rentals on the river in K for future reference.

Along Klickitat River: joy is in the timing

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