Saturday, September 29, 2012

"I think we've got it"

Couldn't find an LA station but found a Colorado football network station online for the game. So far, pre game, so good. Go Bruins!

LATER. Waiting for kickoff. Looks like this will work. Reception is clear, uninterrupted. However, if H uses the phone, I think I get kicked off!

First Q thoughts. UCLA defense playing well. Offense erratic, a fumble, a dropped pass -- but Franklin running well. UCLA leads 7-0. Go Bruins!

p.s. The Colo broadcasters impress me. Most home team broadcasters wear their biases on their sleeves. These guys are very fair, calling a mostly neutral game and very complimentary to UCLA when the Bruins perform well. Rather amazing actually.

Early 2nd Q. Hundley 10-13, Franklin 75 yds in 9. 14-0. Looking good.

And quickly not as good: 14-7.

2 mins until halftime, 21-7. UCLA dominates total yardage, 275-115. Franklin has 90 in 10. If they can avoid shooting themselves in the foot, they can win this easily.


THIRD Q.  UCLA misses FG. Later, near end of third, 28-7. 382 yds offense.

Had to change station, baseball game covered by what I was listening to. Rest of game broadcast by Colorado's progressive radio, which contrasts with Portland State radio games, covered by a right wing station ha ha.

FOURTH Q. 35-7, early. Franklin has has 111, Hundly 234, with a quarter to go. And man, these Colo announcers are great! Oregon announcers are always whining when they're behind. These guys are real pros.
Midway, 42-7. Under 3 mins, 42-14.

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