Saturday, September 29, 2012

A different Saturday

Our first weekend with one car, which means Sketch and I can't take off on an errand whenever we feel like it. This will be an adjustment but I'm for downsizing in this last act of my adventure.

No TV football games grab me until evening. Household chores. Also have a new batch of scrapple on right now. Have an advanced student script to look at, tomorrow I think. A good screenwriter so I look forward to it.

Ready to start the Thoreau project. Maybe Monday on the audio book. Take notes on the new website.

Though a trilogy concept came to me, reported here earlier, I seem to have more present passion for the T project. Ditto for extracting a novella from Emmett's Gift. Also have the old dream of music drama work at the piano. Maybe something surprising will develop over the term. Always ready to surprise myself!

A good start to the new term. I do love teaching ... because I have something to offer that works in the real screenwriting world.

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