Monday, September 24, 2012

The Playboy interviews

Bob Dylan: The Playboy Interviews (50 Years of the Playboy Interview) by Bob Dylan , Playboy
I think it finished, New York died after that, late to middle Sixties.
Playboy: What killed it?
Dylan: Mass communication killed it. It turned into one big carnival side show. That is what I sensed and I got out of there when it was just starting to happen. The atmosphere changed from one of creativity and isolation to one where the attention would be turned more to the show. People were reading about themselves and believing it. I don’t know when it happened. Sometime around Peter, Paul and Mary, when they got pretty big.

 Ray Bradbury: The Playboy Interview (50 Years of the Playboy Interview) by Ray Bradbury, Playboy
There are two races of people—men and women—no matter what women’s libbers would have you pretend. The male is motivated by toys and science because men are born with no purpose in the universe except to procreate. There is lots of time to kill beyond that. They’ve got to find work. Men have no inherent center to themselves beyond procreating. Women, however, are born with a center. They can create the universe, mother it, teach it, nurture it. Men read science fiction to build the future. Women don’t need to read it. They are the future.

 Robert Redford: The Playboy Interview (50 Years of the Playboy Interview) by Robert Redford, Playboy
Hollywood has never been a safe place. It’s competitive; it’s cutthroat. People will slice you apart for money, and nobody cares much about artistic content. 

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