Monday, August 05, 2013

Leading the pack, screenwriter as sleuth

My Kindle book selling the best at the moment is ... Murder At the Black Cat B&B. This is reworking of an earlier paperback, Dead Body In A Small Room, which was a finalist in the 2006 Mystery of the Year award sponsored by Foreword Magazine. An agent picked it up as the first in a series and thank the gods he wasn't able to sell it! I am not cut out to keep repeating myself.
A Hollywood screenwriter recovering from cancer in a small Nevada town investigates the apparent suicide of a prostitute at the Black Cat B&B, the town's legal brothel. He decides it's murder, and his investigation leads him into basque culture and to a confrontation with a guru's disciples at a nearby ashram in the desert. 

"what a great book"

His journey of twists and turns takes on the energy of one of the movie thrillers he writes.

Along the way he falls for the lovely janitor at the local brothel and makes a decision about his future in LaLaLand. Sometimes life is stranger than a Hollywood movie.

" paced. A good read."

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