Friday, August 23, 2013


I always am early and always end up waiting ... in this case, to head out to doc. In rush hour traffic, alas.

4th draft of poems to Kindle. Frustrating format issues, hidden codes, had to resort to the nuclear option. A quick glance looks good, careful reading later.


Dino said...

Never go to a teaching hospital in July--that's when all the new interns start. Actually, you'd get better Primary Care in a country like Cuba right now.

Mike Gold said...

Would that be Waiting for Godot?

robot123 said...

Godot? Sam Shepard captured the myths and the absurdity of popular culture in "True West." Speaking of absurdity, this guy Snowden has got some issues he hasn't dealt with. He and his father have this family feud going on. It's become this international incident with the lawyers acting as go-betweens. You know, there is a play in all of this.