Friday, August 23, 2013

Looking good

I started with 147 pages of poems ... have it down to 66 pages ... the goal, of course, is no stinkers retained. Since I write mostly stinkers, it's a chore to whip a book into shape. But I am optimistic I have something.

Reached agreement with Round Bend Press, if TS takes it, we'll publish on my 74th birthday in October, the same Saturday the Ducks and Bruins meet in Nike stadium. Go, Bruins! say I. Go, Ducks! says TS. Should be fun but probably not on TV here.

My blood tests have never been better! Cholesterol down to 194... must be all that scrapple. I could kick up Potassium, but that's about it. The bionic man lives.


Mike Gold said...

I'll be 55 October 11. Let's say the US population is 300 million, about the same size as western europe. In 1968 the US population was approximately 200 million. So a third of the US population today didn't exist in '68.

So I'm reading "Bullet Park" by John Cheever, and it dawns on me that Cheever's America has vanished.

Dino said...

Cheever didn't miss a thing. The Chekhov of the suburbs. I miss that time, too... the '50s, 60's, Updike, even Mailer.

Wrap it up, Mike, time to go home.

Terry Simons & Buddy Dooley said...

Ducks vs. Bruins will be on TV.