Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mean spirited

TS has criticized my prediction of a major Oregon football injury as mean spirited. He is right. I regret making it ... or at least sharing it because the foreboding feeling is there. I don't celebrate it. Part of my general fatalism these days perhaps.

Watching North Dakota State - Kansas State last night, and the Army game earlier, were the greatest football watching fun I've enjoyed in ages. Games out of the BCS limelight have definite advantages. Now that I have audio access to so many games, I may focus on the less hyped teams. N Dak played an old school style of football I really enjoyed. Their 4th Q drive for the upset took over 9 minutes!

If colleges and pros reached a deal where any player enrolling as a freshman was ineligible to turn pro for four years, in school or not, that would improve the present joke a tad. Never happen. Harvard hiring a spendy football coach was the last straw.

Bigger bad prediction than mine: some booster thinks UCLA will pass for over 500 yards tonight! I think they are getting better but overrated, will not end season ranked, but do threaten a couple upsets, maybe one on my bday.

I will listen to a lot of Wash State because I like the crazy coach. But I want Boise State to go undefeated. I like Stanford, too, which may actually have a few students on the team.

Remember Bill McCall, the SF 49er who worked his way through law school playing pro ball? A role model too ignored today. I think he went to Stanford.

Here's for a safe weekend.

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