Friday, August 23, 2013

Still standing

Always a good visit with my doc. She has a great personality and we laugh a lot. Most importantly, she respects my views. Blood test results tell the real story ... later today they should be online.

Last night's Washington little league game moved to today, on soon. I'll watch, then head in to sign my contract.

Always feel good coming out of the doctor's office.


Whitney B. said...

It's better than feeling bad coming out of the doctor's office.

Cousin Zeus said...

First the doctor then the contract.... I know teaching would be hard on me, for sure.

Say, Whitney, is that you? Still writing SF? Well, it's better than robbing banks.

PBY Street Gang said...

Almighty Zeus! This is PBY Street Gang. Of course he's writing, but that doesn't mean he's sellin'.

(By the way, Charles, doc's office sounds good, keeping my fingers crossed. So, this lady doc... she's pretty?)

Whitney B. said...

More to the point Street Gang, does the good doctor know what she's doing--forget looks.

And yeah, I'm writing, and you know it beats the blank out of robbing banks.

Now, have you got anything intelligent to say?

PBY Street Gang said...

Yeah, I'm thinking, you know, you got to break the fourth wall as it's called in theater. It's called the alienation effect.

(Correct me if I'm wrong, Charles. And don't let these literary clowns fool you. We're harmless, mostly armed with Modernism and Post-modernism and all that other jive theory. Hip to the French, you know? You Dig?)

Charles Deemer said...
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Charles Deemer said...