Thursday, June 06, 2013

Small strokes on a sunny morning

There was a maple bar left when I got to the SU! At 10! Not often. And I noticed earlier than someone bought the Kindle version of my book of poems, which doesn't happen very often and always cheers me up when it does.

I'm hoping I get out of class early enough to catch the 130 bus home. Shortest walk bus only leaves every hour, so I'd have to wait until 230 or take a longer walk on the other end, and the short one is long enough for me. If I miss it, I'll grab lunch somewhere and then leave.

I always want to do yard work when I get home. I won't start grading projects until tomorrow. This is easier than evaluating them earlier. There I made suggestions for improvement. Here, it is what it is.

Really getting ready to do something consistent with the AlphaSmart. Getting a very cheap used version with wireless, see if I can hook up at Starbucks. That would be very liberating for the future. Then files could be emailed to myself on the road for use later. I already can blog on the road with Fire. But Fire needs recharging. ASmart goes 700 hours on AAA batteries ... so then you just replace them. ASmart is immortal. Mine, after all these years, all that earlier use, is still like new. I swear, it is the best writing tool ever invented -- and it is marketed to grade schools! International journalists have discovered it but I think most American writers expect too many frills. This, after all, is for writing and nothing but writing -- and how many "pure writers" are around any more?

And now that I've discovered you can write screenplays and stage plays on them, formatting perfectly later by uploading to a program -- wow, this is very liberating for students who spend their summers hiking in the mountains, for example. This adds to the uisefulness of this amazing AlphaSmart keyboard. But only for writers who want to write, not escape from writing ha ha.

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