Friday, June 28, 2013

Democratic art

Everything that happens at Amazon supports the new notion that art is democratic. I don't think any of the arts are democrstic, any more than I think brain surgery is democratic. Today my point of view, once considered obvious, is dismissed as elitist.

And we wonder why our standing is so low in the world in matters of brain power?

Maybe this is another carrot to keep the masses from rebelling. We convince them their bad verse can be called Poetry. Once upon a time, Dorothy Parker wouldn't let her good verse be called poetry. She had standards and knew where she fit in on the literary map.

Philip Glass said all art should be offered anonymously, to get rid of the icon of the artist. But then art would have to be useful for something. I don't worry about who made my can opener. It works. In what our culture had become, do the arts work out of the leisure activity model? They sure do for me ... but I avoid social gathetings of the arts like the plague. I don't trust them, and I don't think they really are about the arts.

If course, this is why I'm on the wrong planet.
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