Monday, June 10, 2013

Phase 1 progress

Less than 20 pages to go in my grunt work transformation of a screenplay to a new narrative shape.     I have been helped considerably by shortcuts, using find and replace. I am thinking I may have this one ready before the 4th of July. That would be very nifty!

At least two scripts to grade today, several more online but I can delay them if necessary. Everything looks doable today. Except perhaps my energy level, which now is beginning to fade after several hours of work.

The more I get into the new narrative form, the more I am encouraged by it. This really could end up being something significant, both aesthetically and practically. It all depends on readers for the latter, of course, but I wasn't expecting the former possibility. This indeed could become a new narrative form. Derivative, in that in comes from a screenplay, but nonetheless different because it creates a different relationship with a reader. Fascinating to me.

Well, onward onward.

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