Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hungry editor

Note re my first submission to the new Creative Screenwriting: this is good, send me more. Nice to be wanted. But 1. have to get grades in first and 2. this is not a top priority. At the same time, I can dash off screenwriting articles in my sleep, so I'll try to send things his way regularly, which also should boost publicity for my app. And my books. I mean, a welcome mat from an editor is nothing to sneeze at, even if I've been there before. But it's been a while since I've done this sort of thing for publication. I definitely am not re-entering the stress world of all this (but then I needed the income for rent, now it's coffee money).

 But It's still a nice note to greet me in the morning. Five scripts to grade today. Should be able to handle it. Working a little on the series story last night, fiddling with different formats, "looks." I think I have one I like, finally. It's tricky, this re-vamped, disguised screenplay approach. Seems to be a three-step process: 1. re-format 2. minor rewrite 3. polish and publish. I am about 1/4 through the first step on the first script. It goes fairly quickly, all grunt work at step one. Grunt work, grunt work. Mindless. I think I can get the first one published by mid July.

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