Monday, June 22, 2009

Poem for Neda

A Poem for Neda Agha Soltan (1982-2009)
Written by Mandana
Stay, Neda—
The twittering birds,
Green-garbed forests,
Scented blossoms… all sing
of spring’s arrival
Don’t go, Neda…
Stay, Neda—
Sing with your people in the streets
Say, Long live life!
Down with death!
Tell the sun to shine,
the cold to depart
Don’t go, Neda…
Stay, Neda—
Look at this city
At the shaken foundations of palaces,
The height of Tehran’s maple trees,
They call us “dust,” and if so
Let us sully the air for the oppressor
Don’t go, Neda
Don’t be afraid
It is the sound of fireworks, not bullets The offspring-sparks of a great flame We are aflame, Fueled by baton-cracks and gunshots We are ablaze Don’t go Neda…
Oh Neda, Neda!
Shatter the cage
Break through the bars
Don’t go, Neda
Don’t go, Neda—
Look beyond the clouds
Lady sun is breaking through
She is just like you
Don’t go Neda
Oh God, don’t go…


animal friend said...

Beautiful poem for a beautiful person. Please be sure this is widely circulated. It brought tears to my eyes and helped me to grieve this unspeakable act of violence perpetuated on the most innocent of of victems. Thank you, Diane

Tomy said...

Neither silencing Neda’s voice nor admission of election fraud by Ayatollah Khamenei or his guardian councils will suffice to stop the uprising.

Humberto said...

It's the women who are the soul and concience of ANY COUNTRY! Let Neda BE THAT!

Humberto Capiro

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the poem. I just finished reading a book about a woman who spent two years at Evan, the prison in Tehran. For decades, the Iranian people have struggled to maintain basic freedoms that any human being should have, regardless of their religious or political views. I hope Neda's death, and that of many protesters over the years whose name we will never know, is not in vain.
To the Iranian people, the world is with you. Don't give up.

Nick said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....Your poem brought tears to my eyes, my broken heart and sole is share by my nation, our country is CALLING for FREEDOM. Neda is the Voice of our nation. We Will never forget her. Her name is forever in our heart.I Salute you for your beautiful poem and your passion.

Charles Deemer said...

This poem is "Written by Mandana" but I know nothing about the author.

Anonymous said...

Dear Neda, Just as the sun belongs to the whole world, so do you! The bullet that pierced your heart, like a thread through a rosary, connected all our hearts to yours! We will not forget!

charlie said...

we cannot allow her death to go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Neda!you remained immortal because you lived with honor and died immaculately.We will be lost but you will shine forever and ever...

dCe said...

Neda, you must not be forgotten. May your people, and all people rally around your Life and fight for what is right. Freedom, Peace, Tolerance and Understanding. A beautiful Poem for a beautiful Person.

Anonymous said...

With tears in our eyes, we salute Neda for her innocence, bravery, purity and strong will to stand in front of the thugs and to become the soul of modern Iran.

For the past some 4,000-10,000 years, Iranians (Aryans/ Persians) have contributed so much from their soul, kindness, wisdom, clemency, intelligence, sciences, creativity, medicine, music, divinity and civility to the human race. This nation has also withstood many disasters inflicted by many other nations including the Greeks, Romans, Turks, Mongols, Russians, and Iraqis through its patience, wisdom, courage and soul. Neda represents this inherent national strength to dissolve and overcome the man-made or natural hardships.

We are the decedents of the noble Aryans like Cyrus and Dariush The Great and many other gentle forefathers. Cyrus The Great’s strong convictions and devotions reflected in his human rights proclamations decorate the assembly hall at the United Nations. We remain the noble Aryans.

We might be scattered throughout the world because of the pain inflicted on us by a group of fanatic Islamic thugs, but we are very united in our hearts and will overcome.

Neda, rest in peace and bask in your immortality. We are still standing up and will continue our fights, however silently, to realize your and the nation’s dreams for freedom. You are our soul and will inspire us to victory. AZ

Anonymous said...

This tragic loss of Neda hurts my soul,please God help us .I love you Neda . The Lord has called one of His Saints home. An american that cares.

Anonymous said...

Dear Neda
You are the soul of the Iranian nation. Your name is in our heart. what a great name your parents gave you, Neda(voice).
You are really the voice Iranian

sylvie said...

Hello Mandana,
I am a French speaking poet and
I have taken the liberty to translate your beautiful poem.
Please let me know if you like it.


Les oiseaux qui chantent
Les forêts habillées de vert
Les bourgeons qui embaument … tout chante
L’arrivée du printemps
Ne pars pas, Neda
Reste Neda
Chante avec ton peuple dans les rues
Dis : Longue Vie !
Mettons fin à la mort !
Dis que le soleil brille
Dis que le froid s’en aille
Ne t’en vas pas, Neda
Reste, Neda –
Regarde cette ville
Regarde les fondations ébranlées des palais
La hauteur des érables de Téhéran
Eux nous traitent de poussière, alors
Empoussiérons l’air de l’oppresseur
Ne t’en vas pas, Neda
N’aie pas peur
Ça n’est pas le bruit des balles mais celui du crépitement d’un feu d’artifice, des flammèches naissantes.
Nous sommes embrasés, notre feu nourri de coups de matraques, de coups de fusils. Nous flambons. Ne t’en vas pas Neda
Oh Neda, Neda !
Brise ta cage
Échappe aux barreaux
Ne pars pas, Neda
Ne pars pas Neda
Vois au-delà des nuages
Dame Soleil apparaît Elle te ressemble
Ne pars pas Neda
Ô mon Dieu, ne pars pas.

written by Mandana for Neda Agha Soltan

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