Monday, August 12, 2013

Mid-marathon funk

Temporary lack of energy to progress on Overdrive experiment, no grunt work for three days, hope to pick it up today ... even though evidence continues, in book sales, that a small but significant change comes from the work. Well, things change this week with H out of town and my attempt to whip this chaotic mess of a basement into some kind of shape. Man, what a task this will be! But one cook in the kitchen is better than two when faced with a job like this. At the very, very least, I'll take care of all my stuff down here, getting rid of most of it. But that's just a drop in the ocean. H has a lot of decisions to make about a ton of stuff. I'd just get rid of it all but it ain't my stuff, alas.

So the tempo will change around here once I get started on the basement. If I put in a few hours a day for two weeks, I should get a lot done. It's all attitude. The Overdrive funk is really about attitude. Life is run on the fuel of attitude.

And my attitude sucks lately ha ha. At least I can laugh about it. Laughing at myself has saved my ass more than once.

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