Tuesday, August 20, 2013


One of the more depressing things in the cultural landscape for me is how many intelligent folks still buy into the lone assassin nonsense. There are two undeniable facts about the JFK assassination: 1. he is dead 2. he was shot from at least two directions, front and back. The undeniable existence of front entry wounds adds up to a conspiracy. By whom? Who the hell knows? I have my opinion after years of intensive study but it's not as certain as the two previous facts.

Some folks deny front entry wounds. They disregard that EVERY medical professional at the Dallas hospital who saw the body said so, before being brow beaten days later to change their minds; that the first public press conference at the hospital said there was a front entry wound; that decades later an emergency room surgeon who was there, who operated on the body, detailed the medical cover up and when he was challenged he sued for defamation of character and WON (the book is "Trauma Room One: the JFK medical coverup exposed"); that Congress itself concluded there was a "probable conspiracy," a fact most folks don't even know. Congress recommended continued and deeper study, which of course was quickly forgotten.

Moreover, a conspiracy by powerful people who considered JFK a traitor, one who had committed treason by refusing air support at the Bay of Pigs and, maybe even worse, giving the Amer Univ speech in which he waved a peace flag at the Russians because we all live on one planet, here is a far more sensible explanation than lining up all these so called lone duck madmen, Oswald and Ruby. Moreover, an assassination plan  existed in other cities (Chicago) first and was revealed before it happened.

JFK was removed by a coup d'etat, right here in the red, white and blue, and anyone who looks at the evidence rationally, despite the flood of nutty theories (I was in the Army Security Agency: if you want a conspiracy dismissed, it is textbook strategy to plant off the wall crazy theories everywhere so the "real" conspiracy gets dismissed in the company), cannot deny this because one can't deny bullets coming from more than one direction. Bobby Kennedy thought the CIA was involved. Kenny O'Donnell saw smoke and heard gun fire from the grassy knoll but was persuaded to testify otherwise by the FBI, only revealing this truth decades later, just before his death. The son of a prominent CIA agent wrote an amazing, moving book in which he concludes his father was involved. Etc etc etc.

But front entry wounds make the case for some kind of conspiracy, by somebody or other. The logic to me goes to those who thought JFK committed treason and was a traitor.

Some future Shakespeare, if the world lasts long enough, will have a field day with this material.

In the meantime, among Homo consumerus, too many bright folks remain snookered. 50 year anniversary come November. Nothing will change.

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