Monday, August 19, 2013

Good news and bad at Uncle Freddy's

To store for a few things ... swung by Goodwill truck and asked if guy knew of charity that took deposit cans ... had tried to give bag to VA, boy scouts, sal army, turned down .. couldn't believe it ... guy said, We do! Salvation.

To store, came out... hmm where did I park? Had to go one end to the other to find car! Old age marches on.

I think come fall or winter I may call this the Summer of Bullshit. Up to my ears in marketing theories and have yet to find one that can't be proved false in about 15 minutes in the real world, that is, with the data at Amazon regarding book sales. You need a short title? I'll show you a long title selling like hot cakes. A great image for your book cover? I'll show you a plain cover on a great seller. All these marketing gurus need to take Epistemology 101. This field is as bad as the film industry for very hot air. It's incredible.

But the marathon continues.
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