Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Early start

L of marketing grunt work this morning, something I'd fallen behind on.

The big downsizing momentum begins next week because I'm batching it for two weeks, H on her periodic visit east. Maybe I can really get something done for a change.

Not so eager for school to start but maybe that will change. I hope the last year isn't a hassle, that I retired one year too late. Maybe I'll get excited about it as the fall approaches. I hope so. Want to go out with lots of good energy.

I have some apprehension about the years ahead only because I have such radical views about end of life issues and circumstances could bring these into visible conflict with just about everyone around me. On the other hand, maybe I can follow in the family tradition: both my parents dropped dead on the spot! Quite remarkable. Can we make it three? Sure would save a lot of potential hassles. (Well, maybe depending on where and when it happens! ha ha).

At any rate I've accepted the inevitable for some time now, hoping the time happens "naturally." In the meantime, I amuse myself as best I can.

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