Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In Zen  poetry is not the words written down but the mode of thought in the mind of  the poet. Hence my earlier suggestion that the mumbling old dude on the bus mall is in the process of rewriting. The act of quote writing unquote has become irrelevant. There comes a time when you can do it all in your head and leave it at that. Maybe that's what a writerly retirement is like.


Pip said...

Yeah, I got it. In Zen the art of reading is between the lines, and you're set to bail on everything. It's too early to "Fade to Black," Charles. There's nothing poetic about dying.

Christ, what's the point? I feel like I'm arguing with my dead brother--the one shot out of the skies over Hanoi in '68. And you don't think I don't understand something about Zen?

The stories, they come through you but doesn't mean they belong to you, that you can turn them on and off at will.

You want to talk about Zen? Then set your ego aside... and keep on writing.

Charles Deemer said...

We are blowing semantical hot air at one another. How depressing ha ha.