Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2 projects in limbo

Have two projects started and stopped but expect each to continue forward at my present snail's pace. The outside-in thriller, which I like "professionally" (admire its craft) but really can't get obsessive about, and the difficult inside-out story of Brinkley bringing home CJ's ashes, which requires more knowledge of certain things than I presently possess, hence reading and research to do. The latter matters more to me but neither grabs me, possesses me, in any approximation of the old obsessive mind sets. Moreover, I don't think this matters.  I don't sprint any more, I hobble.

Looking forward to March Madness, a bit of escape and entertainment. Damn, I hope somebody can beat Baylor in the women's dance. They play too much like the men. Tall centers can do that to a team.

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