Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not with a bang but not with a whimper either ...

As I near the end of this blog, and move my blogging to another environment, I realize I have no song and dance number for the ending. Just gonna end, and soon, and announce same and provide a link to the new environment. Which is looking good, by the way. Definitely the place I belong now.

Here in my office to return projects and pick up finals, many of which are being emailed to me. Hope to have my grades in Friday, Saturday latest. Shouldn't be a problem.

I've been blogging for ten years. Strange to realize in a way. I had a strong sense in the beginning of hoping to provide information for young writers but much of this got lost along the way, I think. Still, despite 90% or more topical crap here, in these blog pages are some valuable facts and information for beginning writers, especially screenwriters. I've had fun being here.

And I need to thank, in case I forget later, the regular and occasional readers who have come to this blog over the years. It takes two to tango, and all that.

Or it used to. The new blog is not about two to tango. The new blog will be more reflective, interior, maybe even spiritual. I have several end of life issues on my mind, for example, and it helps to brainstorm with myself. This doesn't have to be in public, of course, but the interface here is comfortable and a writer always appreciates the right audience. Anybody who would hang here, and soon there, and not flee in urgent boredom is the right audience by definition.

This is not the formal bon voyage quite yet. But we're getting closer.


writenow said...

When you move, I hope you'll talk about writing. How it's done, why it feels like magic when it's going well, things you've learned about characters and plots and timelines and editing, etc. I'll miss this blog, as will a few friends of mine. We may not comment but we're here. Good luck.

Charles Deemer said...

I appreciate the comment. Yes, I'll continue talking about writing, though perhaps more personally, more as a retired writer, less as a teacher.